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1. 100 Club

The 100 club is a monthly draw where half the funds raised go in prizes and half goes to the club. The more you pay in, the more chance you have of winning.

If you are not a member and wish to join, please set up a standing order to the bank account below. Internet banking is great for this. If you want to know more, please ask Alfie.

Sort code: 60-16-12
A/c number: 83904298
A/c name: EIRFC 100 Club
Reference: Your name
Natwest Bank

100 Club Winners and Runners Up
July - Dad, R N Johnson
August - Pete Richey, Doddie
September - Mickey Piper, Matt Jones
October - Dennis Ogorman, Peter Carron
November - Tom Roper, Paul Winship.
December - Bulla, Gary Assim
January - Polly, J Ainger
February - Tom Roper, Fatz
March - General, S Smyth
April - Dennis Ogorman, Tuckbox
May - Fatz, Thrushdie
June - Slippers, Corky
July - Tuckbox, General
August - Mugsy, Tom Bermel
September - Slim, Crofty
October - Alfie, Dad
November - Peter Carron, Fatz
December - Mugsy, General
January - JLS, Doddie
February - Thrushdie, Captain Angry
March - Mick Collins, Mickey Piper
April - Gerry Scahill, Conman
May - General, EQ
June - Thrushdie, Brian Hunt
July - Fatz, Corky
August - President Angry, Dad
September - Slippers, Toby Rome
October - Tom Bermel, Jonah
November - EQ, General
December - Fatz, Tuckbox
January - Corky, BRB
February - Chris Philips, Steve Smyth
March - Slim Shady, The Don
April - EQ, Matt Jones
May - Mugsy, Thrushdie
June - General, Conman
July - Monster, Alfie
August - Brian Hunt, Gerry Scahill
September - General, Mugsy
October - Conman, Brian Hunt
November - Sicknote, Weasel
December - Gerry Scahill, Dad
January - Tony Clewlow, President Angry
February - Thrushdie, EQ
March - Record missing
April - Record missing
May - Mick Collins, Dad
June - Crofty, General
July - Thrushdie, Monster
August - Toby, General
September - Fatz, Mick Collins
October - Conman, Corky
November - Matt Jones, Bernie Ainger
December - JLS, Slim
January - Tony Clewlow, Big Show
February - Mugsy, Bakerman
March - Fatz, Wes Warren
April - Chippy, Tony Clewlow
May - Mick Collins, Gerry Scahill
June - EQ, Slim
July - Brian Hunt, Matt Jones
August - David Hitchcock, Andy Cowan
November - B Ainger, C Philips
Decemeber - PW Richey, Steven Krempel